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Bags By CAB - Yarn Shoppe 1635 Tremont Pl Denver, CO

Learn how to start your home based business!

Learn how to effectively market your locally owned business!

Learn how to Launch your new business start up!

Cassandra Allen - Brown, Presents:

The highly anticipated annual marketing seminar for local artisans and/or small business owners is now available for Saturday Consultations!  For those who desire to turn their crafting, and passion into a business!  Do you dare to dream of turning your home based business into a successful brick and mortar?   What about finally quitting or retiring from your 9 - 5 gig and just operating and managing your business, DAILY?  

This marketing event is for; jewelry making, sweater and sock knitting women of a certain age, new Mom's knitting and/or crocheting up baby blankets, hats, booties and onesies for their newborns.  Cosmetics home based folks who rely on their friends hosting parties for them, and of course the commercial jewelry companies and purse party lovers (you know who you are),  who have asked their last family members to PLEASE host yet another, party for them!  Realistically, can you earn enough income from scrapbooking?

If ANY of these happen to be YOU, then please know that after you leave my Marketing Presentation, you will  know exactly how to hit the ground running with a new vision and plan for your home based and/or small business start up!  Learn who your demographic is, and how to effectively and inexpensively target that market to come directly TO YOU!

Finally; how to master the Social Media World for your business:

Do you need to # and @?






and more!

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Crochet Holiday Classes!

  We've taken the stress out of planning and creating all of those wonderful Holiday gifts for your family and friends.  

Need help in getting your hand crafted crocheted gifts done before December 24th?  No worries, we have you covered.  Every Saturday from 11:00am - 1:00pm in the Yarn Shoppe sign up for your Crochet Holiday Project Class.  

We provide the pattern:  Hats, Mittens, Cowls, Shawls and Scarves.
 Yarn and gift wrap included.  $50 - $75 based upon Pattern of your choosing.
Schedule your Project today!

​Email:  bagsbycab@aol.com 

Call: 720.473.2598  

Read More:  http://yarnshoppestudio.blogspot.com 




A big thank you to everyone who planned, participated and showed up for our 7th Annual Spring Yarn Knit Out and Crochet Community Event on June 4th!  A BIG success!  

See photos here:



Reserve our space for your private knitting, crochet group!  Call today!  720.473.2598

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